Teresa's art work is based on a BA in Scenography, in Lisbon and Decorative Painting: trying materials in various surfaces and sizes, switching between styles: from theatrical props and murals to canvases, paper and digital softwares. 

Her Styles include landscapes, seascapes and portraits; in acrylics, watercolours and oil. In addition, her illustration style, features dynamic outlines in Indian ink and includes humorous drawings for children and for others... who behave like kids!

Clients from Portugal and Somerset have been commissioners of Teresa's Fine arts, and local shops that sell her canvases, prints, watercolours and cards, such as: Dunster Castle retail shop, Clematis Cottage and Doniford Farm Park. There is also her sells and commissions through


My recent commissions have been for portraits and figures, in watercolour and my recent challenge is to improve my oil painting based on graphite and charcoal live sketches.