Artist and Illustrator

I was awarded a B.A. in Schenography, in Lisbon, where I studied Fine Arts, developing a career as a Set Designer and as a Decorative painter. 

Alternating between Theatrical props, costumes, murals and furniture painting, I made progress throughout  various materials, supports and sizes.

In my art studio, based in Somerset, I draw inspiration in the surrounding landscapes, seascapes, all possible escapes... but I'm, passionate about portraits!

I use graphite, crayons and pastels for motion impressions and the other mediums among these works of fine arts and illustrations are: acrylics, watercolours and oils, sometimes including ink or finished with digital tools.


Secretarybird - Oil pastel
100 Finalists - Sketch for survival 2021
Exhibition Gallery@Oxo, London #sketchforsurvival

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 14.52_edited.jpg