My Art studio is based in Somerset, but my background includes a BA in Scenography from the National Conservatory of Lisbon, studies in the National Association of Fine Arts of Lisbon and a career in Design for Performance and Decorative Painting. I developed my expression through several materials, mediums and sizes, switching between areas: from theatrical Props, Costumes Design, to murals and furniture decoration, painting on canvases and paper and digital illustrations. 

My subjects are landscapes, seascapes and portraits; in acrylics, watercolours and oils and pastels. My illustrations are featured with outlines in ink, but I am also working in digital applications, and including cartoons.

I have some clients from Portugal and Somerset for Fine Arts and Prints, at Dunster Castle retail shop, Home Coming, Clematis Cottage, Doniford Farm Park, as well as from wide world, through

Accepting commissions for portraits and personal scenes.

I keep active to find opportunities throughout exhibitions alongside to projects online.

My "Secretarybird" drawing was part of the 100 Finalists of Sketch for Survival, 
and in exhibition at gallery@Oxo, London, from 17 to 28 November: