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Self-portrait, graphite and crayons

Artist and Illustrator

I studied scenography and Fine Arts in Lisbon, which led me to work as a Scenographer and Decorative Painter.

Alternating between theatrical props, costumes, murals and furniture painting, I improved throughout  various materials, and sizes, but progressively I focused only on art for exhibitions and to sell as originals and prints.

In my art studio, based in Somerset, I draw inspiration in the surrounding landscapes, seascapes, all possible escapes... but I'm, passionate about portraits!

I use graphite, pencils and pastels to express movement and have explored mediums to create works and illustrations such as watercolours, acrylics and oils; sometimes finishing with ink and digital tools.

Gallery Oxo - Explorers Against Extinction

Secretary-bird, oil pastel
100 Finalists - Sketch for survival 2021
Gallery@Oxo, London #sketchforsurvival

Gallery @Oxo, London,  100 Finalists Exhibition Sketch for Survival, Teresa Montalvão - Secretary Bird
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